What is difference between a WINS server and a DNS server?

Samba Administration Guide - WINS Server Configuration where is either the DNS name of the WINS server machine or its IP address. This line must not be set in the smb.conf file of the Samba server acting as the WINS server itself. If you set both the wins support = yes option and the wins server = option then nmbd will fail to start. There are two possible scenarios for setting up cross-subnet browsing. What is WINS? Jan 18, 2018 what to find the WINS server in my LAN | PC Review

Using the ZebraNet Print Server Web Page to configure a

Jan 18, 2018 what to find the WINS server in my LAN | PC Review Nov 16, 2007

How do I check or change my DNS settings on an ASUS router

Specify the required DNS and WINS servers IP addresses and click OK. How to Test. Use the KB ID 170505850768290 for Global VPN configuration steps and connect a Global VPN client. Once connected, check the DNS and WINS server setting for Virtual Adapter Connection in the PC to make sure it has correct DNS and WINS IP server addresses. Install a WINS server on Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 3.1. Specify the WINS server address when creating a DHCP scope. When you create a new DHCP scope on Windows Server 2012, the wizard will ask you for the address of a WINS server. At this step, just enter the IP address of your WINS server and click Add. Then, continue to … DNS/WINS Settings Help - Xerox WINS is not implemented over IPv6. The WINS name is the Hostname in the Name/Domain section on this page. These settings are also used in Job Accounting to display user host names instead of addresses. For more information, see the Job Accounting Help. Primary WINS Server Address - Enter the IP address for the primary WINS name server. A value Configuring WINS, DNS and DHCP on Access Servers