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Dec 16, 2014 Shared Secret | Mac-Forums Mar 26, 2009 how to connect to a L2TP/IPsec VPN on Mac OS X - Snel.com Click on Authentication Settings and enter Password in the password field of your VPN user. In our article, it’s the password of the administrator user of our VPN server followed by the Shared Secret that you have entered in step 5 of this article as Preshared key and click on OK

For Machine Authentication, select "Shared Secret" and enter the pre-shared key set in the router's IPsec General Setup. 5. Click Apply, then Connect. And wait for the connection to establish.

What is a pre-shared key or shared secret? Jan 18, 2018

Configuring New VPN L2TP/IPSec Connections in Mac OS X

Unable to add shared secret for VPN (NEVPNProto |Apple I am developing VPN app for iOS and macOS when i am trying to connect the message that is displaying is No VPN shared secret was provided. Content tagged with mac osx app. Re: Unable to add shared secret for VPN (NEVPNProtocolIPSec) swift. Apple Staff (13,525 points) eskimo Mar 20, 2019 3:13 AM Setting up VPN on Mac OS X L2TP VPN Setup Instructions Under Machine Authentication, click the radio button for Shared Secret and enter LimeVPN share key: private. Step 7: Click Advanced, check Send all traffic over VPN connection. Then click OK. Step 8: Click Connect to your new VPN connection. To disconnect click on Disconnect. VPN Setup: Machine Authentication? - Mac-Forums.com Feb 08, 2013 Connect a Mac to VPN - Virtual Private Network - IT