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Many schools and businesses use a firewall to block access to YouTube, making it difficult (but not impossible) to access. If your school or office firewall blocks access to YouTube you may be able to use a proxy service to get get around the firewalls and access any website you want. The easy way: Try Firefox to get around the firewall If you're worried about getting past the firewall while you are there, let me assure you that there are lots of pretty simple ways to get around it. Everyone in China does it. The firewall exists in part to censor information, but it has done an even better job of fomenting and protecting Chinese companies. However, there are still ways to get around this filtering and view blocked websites. Some of these methods may be restricted by harsh filtering. For example, the Great Firewall of China is now interfering with outgoing VPN connections, although VPNs were left alone for years. Source: Paywall Hacks How to Get Around Almost any Paywall Easily (UPDATED 12/2/19 with new WSJ Bypass) I vowed to find a way around their paywall after they sent a cease and desist to Outline

Dec 05, 2016

CUJO AI smart firewall protects your computers and IoT devices against malware, ransomware, viruses, and other hacking threats. Think of it as advanced antivirus for all your connected devices - from laptops to smartphones to smart TVs or gaming consoles. CUJO AI acts as an internet security gateway between your connected smart devices and the internet. Troubleshoot Firewall Issues - Endicia

Hi Null, One of the way is to set your own proxy server and access the blocked sites from there. We have articles about that, actually. Here are few of them:

By their own admission at CUJO, with security it is difficult to prevent false positives and please everyone. But I feel you will encounter times when CUJO will stop you from getting work done and you have little choice but to remove all protection to get around it because of this philosophy. When the firewall senses an intruder trying to get into the network, it will stop the attack. It will also send the computer user a message, usually in the form of a pop-up window on their monitor. It will say something like, "There has been a recent attack against your system." Usually, a firewall lets you enter an exception for an application (program) file. Some firewall applications require you to open an Internet port or an IP address or URL address. If you are unable to configure your firewall application, contact the technical support of software manufacturer of the firewall product for assistance. Type Firewall.cpl into the run prompt, then press Enter. Click Restore Defaults from the menu on the left. Click the button to Restore Defaults; Click Yes to confirm the prompt; The next time you use an application which would be blocked by Windows firewall, you should receive a prompt to allow the program through the firewall. Firewalls are installed to keep you safe online, not to annoy you. At school, they're meant to help promote learning, and at work, to enhance productivity. Before you get around the firewall blocks, check if it's worth the risk, considering what's at stake. If the firewall or Internet filter that you're attempting to bypass is on a library, work, or school computer, you most likely won't be able to use a VPN since doing so will require changing your computer's settings. Unlike proxies, VPNs will hide any online browsing while they are active.